Head Coach Thom Glielmi is available for Clinics and Camps!

Areas of Development

  • Developing training curricula from beginning levels through international elite
  • Cycling gymnasts to peak at specific time
  • Technical knowledge for skill development
  • Motivating individuals and teams of all age groups from beginners to national team members and teams
  • Building enrolled numbers
  • Developing Coaches and Coaching Techniques

Camp/Clinic Locations

Camps and clinics may be run at any gym with an appropriate facility. These locations may include...

  • National Training Centers
  • Stanford University
  • Private Clubs

About Coach Thom Glielmi

  • Has had gymnasts on the USA Senior Team for the past 16 years
  • USA Senior National Team Coach for past 16 years Glielmi
  • Part of the 2000 USA Olympic Team coaching staff
  • Member of the 2006 and 2007 USA World Championships coaching staff
  • Head coach of the 2003 USA Pan American team
  • Under Head Coach Glielmi the Stanford team has finished in the top three at the NCAA Championships for 8 of the past 9 seasons with Glielmi twice being named National Coach of the Year.
  • Has Coached Nationals Champions on every event


Having had great success in developing junior gymnasts, Coach Glielmi was sought to coach in the collegiate ranks. He has been extremely successful in continuing the development of the athlete once they arrived on campus. "I generally see a shift in focus for the guys once they get on a university campus. I think is indicative of the individual becoming an adult and finding their way. Some simply want to compete for their university, while others also want to work towards our National Team, World Team and Olympic Team. Finding the balance between collegiate life and the life of an elite athlete can be challenging, but I think I’ve been very successful in helping them find that balance." - Glielmi. Coach Glielmi began his tenure at Stanford in 2002. He has coached NCAA national champions on every event and led the Stanford University team to two national titles. Glielmi is involved on many levels of the sport from the grass roots to the international elite. A former FIG Brevet judge and executive board member to USA Gymnastics coach Glielmi is currently on the NCAA Rules Committee for the men's program. He is part of a comprehensive effort to get more men’s programs started on the collegiate level.

Business Experience

Owner - SB Gymnastics Club, Stanford CA, Present (Age group and recreational training for boy's age 4-18). Running recreational boy’s gymnastics classes through junior elite team program.

Owner – Head Men’s Coach, International Gymnastics Center, Matthew NC, ’91-’98. In 1991 opened doors with 70 kids signed up. In 1998 when he left for the collegiate ranks the gym had 1400 kids per week participating.


Negotiated fee dependent on:

  • Topics to be covered
  • Duration
  • Location of clinic or camp

Please email requests directly to glielmi@stanford.edu