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Our mission

SB Gymnastics opened its doors in July 2010 in order to revive the local community's interest in boys' gymnastics and keep the small number of gyms in the Bay Area from diminishing. Located on the Stanford University campus, SB Gymnastics' mission is to utilize our state of the art facility to help young gymnasts reach their gymnastics potential in a structured, safe and challenging environment.

Competitive Program

In addition to our competitive programs developing the students' gymnastics abilities, we use gymnastics as a tool for developing life skills. By setting goals, learning time management and challenging oneself in a fun, safe environment, we've seen these skills be utilized in other aspects of the gymnasts life. Our philosophy has created State, Regional, National, World, and Olympic Team members. Competitive Gymnasts are welcome to participate in a trial practice with the SB Gymnastics competitive team, as long as they are age and level appropriate. Email sbgymnastics@gmail.com to request a try-out.

Recreational Program

SB Gymnastics offers recreational gymnastics classes for boys age 5+. Recreational classes range in difficulty level and scheduled hours, offering curriculums suitable to children at all levels of experience. SB Gymnastics Recreational Classes focus on development of gross and fine motor skills, strength, flexibility, and of course, developing the ability to tumble, twist, and swing like the pros. Recreational classes introduce young gymnasts to all six Olympic events and the Trampoline. Classes begin at either 6:00 or 7:00pm each weeknight.

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